For any commercial building, one of the biggest expenses it has each month is heating and cooling. Commercial HVAC systems run throughout the year and even stay on if no one is in the building. 

With so much of your money going to pay this bill, it only makes sense you would want to find ways to make your unit more energy efficient. Some tips to help you with this goal can be found here. 

Conduct an Energy Audit

Did you own the building or commercial space when the HVAC unit was installed? If not, do you know how old it is?

If you know (or think) the unit is more than 20 years old, the system probably isn’t operating very efficiently. Conducting an energy audit will help you know if your older system is wasting energy, where energy loss is occurring, the specific age of the unit, and any potential health risks. 

Once the audit is complete, you can work with professionals to find and fix issues. If necessary, you can invest in a replacement unit to increase efficiency and reduce heating and cooling-related costs. 

Invest in Preventative Maintenance 

If you want to prevent issues with your commercial HVAC system, prevention is key. One of the best ways to keep your system from breaking down or having to work too hard is to sign up for regular preventative maintenance with a local service provider. 

Fix and Repair Issues Right Away

From time to time, everyone gets busy. You may also be looking for ways to cut costs, which means delaying certain repairs, like to your HVAC system. However, by making repairs to your unit right away, you can avoid more extensive and expensive issues down the road. 

One example of potential issues with a commercial HVAC system is that the cooling tower will eventually corrode and rust. These issues can be repaired using polyurea. This fix is much more affordable than having to install an entirely new cooling tower. Also, fixing this issue will prevent further complications and costs. 

Invest in Smart Technology and Commercial-Grade Thermostats 

Today, everything is going “smart.” The world is connected and allows you to control various components without having to be near them. This is something that can benefit your commercial space. With a smart thermostat, you can control the temperature and settings from any location. This means if the building is empty, you can turn off the system or adjust the temperature to save energy and money. 

Making Your Commercial HVAC System More Efficient 

Do you want to make your commercial HVAC system more efficient? If so, be sure to use the tips here. You can also work with professionals who can provide additional tips and guidance regarding how to make your system more efficient and cost-effective. The most important part of this is to act when you notice a problem, so it doesn’t have a chance to get worse and cause even more issues.