For any hospitality business, or other kinds of food service businesses or other shops, ice machines are a vital appliance that has to be working correctly. 


Making sure that these machines are in top condition is our job, and something that we take seriously as we work on behalf of our clients.


Why Maintain Ice Machines?


For so many businesses, the ice machine is part of the ‘face’ of the business: if even one person gets a nasty batch of ice, it can have drastic effects on that business as a whole.


People are always using this ice for preserving perishable foods, or for refreshing drinks, or other purposes. They’re seeing the condition of the ice machine, and how clean and sanitary it is. In other situations, they’re seeing how clean and sanitary it is not, and that is getting directly reported to others, affecting the business in either a positive or a negative way.


Aspects of Ice Machine Maintenance


First, it’s absolutely vital that you make sure there’s no slime or mildew or residue inside the machine. That has to do with all of the surfaces that you use with one of these substantial appliances.


Then, too, you also want to make sure to have adequate filtration – replacing and repairing filters as necessary and making sure that all parts and fasteners are in good condition.


You also have to make sure the temperatures are right – insufficient freezing will turn out watery ice, and that is not good. A bad temp can have a “cascading” effect on the results that can be a problem. 


Different Kinds of Business Uses


It’s not just restaurants and hotels that need this kind of service, either, especially when it comes to general freezing and refrigeration. 


For that matter, you also have to think about businesses that do cold chain logistics, like refrigerated warehouses.


They might not have any customer facing processes at all, but they still need the same kinds of refrigeration and cooling.


Expertise with a Range of Machines


We can work on cube, flake, nugget, or tube ice machine designs, or other types of ice machines that are vital for hotels, motels, restaurants, concessions businesses and other kinds of enterprise.


Turn to Polar Refrigeration, Heating and Air LLC for help with these, and walk-ins, coolers, refrigeration units and more. Our expert technicians are skilled at maintaining and repairing commercial systems, and they’ll get to the bottom of your problems with your ice machines (or whatever it is that you need help with) quickly to preserve the business reputation and the impression that it makes on the front of the house, or for any functionality for industrial processes.


That’s part of our commitment to you as a company that cares about customer service and satisfaction. Get in touch!