Let’s talk about one of the most common types of problems with refrigeration systems. After all, we work on these systems day to day, shoulder to shoulder with property owners and business people looking at what has gone wrong with a refrigerator appliance or system.

These are some of the usual suspects: you can have these problems on small household refrigerators, or larger commercial installations like a walk-in cooler.

Simply put, refrigeration systems rely on fans to move air, and in many cases, to cool it as well. When these fans don’t work, you are likely to have a major problem. You’ll get a heads up in a number of ways: including loud noise, poor cooling, or inconsistent operations.

Blocked Fans

In some cases, fans are just blocked by some obstacle. Maybe something got in through the housing, or excessive ice built up and the fans are not able to work properly. Our technicians can get in there and see what’s the issue and fix it so that you have working refrigeration for your home or business.

Faulty Motors

Fan motors can break down, too. A motor is a simple machine that’s built for a certain longevity. Beyond that, you can have bearings and other parts in various stages of decay and experience a malfunctioning fan motor that needs care. Our technicians can help you to make a plan to deal with this eventually and talk about long term maintenance.

Thermostat Controls

Sometimes it’s the thermostat that gets messed up. Our technicians can help deal with discrepancies in cooling and where the thermostat is set for a home or commercial system. We know that it’s important in restaurant work for refrigeration to be at a certain temperature according to HACCP guidelines, and we will factor that into our work on walk-ins and other refrigeration systems.

Evaporator Fans

The evaporator fan pushes the cool air across the coils. You might notice a loud noise if you’re having a problem with your evaporator fan. But for the average person, it’s hard to tell where that loud noise is coming from and what it means.

Call the professionals at Polar Refrigeration for quick and efficient refrigeration fixes. We are a top firm in the Houston, TX area with a stellar reputation for coming in and getting things working well again. Turn to teams with a customer service mindset and a dedication to helping you out with whatever you’re facing at your property.